Welcome to Professional Detectives

Here to provide you with efficient solutions to security challenges in all areas of your business.

Whether involving your own employees, suppliers, sub contractors, or any area involving risk, asset protection and recovery, we can provide peace-of-mind and protection.

With checkable career backgrounds in the UK Police, we are properly trained and equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to evaluate critical issues and decide quickly on the most appropriate solution.

Using specialist resources and drawing from skilled personnel in law enforcement, forensic science, I.T and digital technology, we would find the right person to complete the task.

Security Solutions

Security is not always a priority that many businesses take seriously until it is too late.

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Mystery Shopper

Make considered and informed decisions on levels of professionalism throughout your business.

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Vehicle & Asset Tracking

The use of tracking devices to gather evidence or to protect vehicles and property in transit can be a major part of covert surveillance operations.

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Due Dilligence

Engaging a process of Due Diligence is vital in protecting your company and its assets.

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Forensic Examination

Full range of specialist forensic examinations and support services.

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Fraud Investigation

Hire specialist investigators who have a thorough fraud investigation and Police experience.

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Intellectual Property

Counterfeiting is a global issue that has grown to epidemic proportions, worth billions of pounds a year to the criminals.

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Surveillance is vital – use proven professionals to ensure your own protection from potential reputational damage or litigation.

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Legal Support Services

Comprehensive Legal Support, both Nationwide and abroad through our vast network of investigators and process servers.

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General Investigations

Our services are wide ranging and include criminal and civil matters, legal support services and also security matters.

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