Our business is designed to provide you, the client, with an efficient service to provide solutions to your problems or provide appropriate advice where relevant.

These may involve your partner or other family members in your private life. Or if in business, your employees, your suppliers, contractors or any other agencies where their behaviour or activities involve real or potential risk to your business assets.

What you get

  • Professional Detectives with checkable career backgrounds in the UK Police and therefore highly trained professional investigators supported by specialist former military personnel, forensics experts, and security consultants where relevant to the case in hand
  • Initial free discussion and honest and well considered advice in civil or criminal matters, the achievability factor and the most cost effective approach
  • Expert advice in covert surveillance matters; security matters; fraud investigation; tracing and due diligence services; Cyber-crime and other Forensic science matters and many other specialist areas
  • Regular updates on the progress of your case
  • At the conclusion of all cases, clients will be provided with a full report and where relevant, photographic images and/or video footage and any other relevant material, whether for court or private use