Due Diligence

Engaging a process of Due Diligence is vital in protecting your company and its assets. Insufficient profile checks of potential business partners or clients can lead to serious damage to you and your business creating hardship and even bankruptcy, not to mention the decimation of your workforce.

Complacency can lead to disaster in various areas of your business, including finances, legal issues and reputational damage.

Cash flow problems can cause problems for most businesses, with potential repercussions that will, in time, badly reflect on your business.

Armed with the knowledge and information gained by investing in such diligence, you can deal with potential problems before they arise – making arrangements for instance, for funds to be deposited before delivery, thus creating a safety net.

Professional Detectives provide a service that centres around asset protection and risk management on your behalf. And when investigating the profiles of new clients and conducting credit checks and general business conduct, we can provide the necessary basis for more informed decisions that will avoid unnecessary risk.

Our services include:

Company credit checks
Background checks on individuals and companies
Director’s profiles
Company profiles
General due diligence investigations
Historical checks for adverse trading reports or other adverse data from the media