Mystery Shopping

Professional Detectives can assist clients to make considered and informed decisions on issues of customer service levels, product knowledge, presentation and security and safety, by visiting their outlets posing as members of the public, observing and collating information for assessment on video/audio.

Reasons for considering Mystery Shopping

  • Are staff providing the highest standard of customer service, and if not, is this affecting your profits or your reputation?
  • Do they encourage repeat business from customers or are they just satisfied with applying minimum effort, maybe feeling there is no incentive to do more?
  • Do your premises present a clean and safe hazard free environment for your customers to visit and make their purchases, and therefore encourage return visits and also protect against possible malicious or even accidental injury claims?
  • Are your staff members fully trained to talk knowledgeably about your product so that your customers will benefit and therefore return to make further purchases?
  • Are your staff trustworthy and does everything go through the till where cash is concerned?
  • How do you identify that extra special member of staff who goes the extra mile without any Incentive but may still need that recognition which other staff may be encouraged by?