Professional Detectives are experts in the field of Covert Surveillance with over 40 years of practical experience within specialist Police Surveillance Squads, the Military and the Private Sector.

Surveillance can prove extremely useful and beneficial in many scenarios and it is vital that that clients only use proven professionals to ensure their own protection from potential reputational damage or litigation.

The following are just some of the typical scenarios where a period of manned surveillance might prove beneficial in gathering evidence where there is no other way of doing so.

  • An employer suspecting that an employee is stealing stock or confidential information, or fraudulently claiming expenses
  • Employer or insurer suspecting that a claim for personal injury/industrial injury maybe fraudulent
  • Husband/wife/partner suspected of infidelity or concealing joint assets pending divorce
  • Suspicion of bullying, alcohol abuse or drug abuse in the workplace
  • Fuel theft
  • Fraudulent accident claims ‘Crash For Cash’
  • Detecting suspected Stalkers or activity of Industrial Espionage